Artificial Plants Gaining Popularity

Once considered tacky and cheap, artificial plants have recently become hip and modern, as manufacturers have created some of the most realistic creations yet. Artificial boxwood hedges, topiary balls, fake bushes, and artificial flowers are appearing everywhere from five star hotels to multi-million dollar estates. Fake is in, especially in California, where water is precious during the ongoing drought.

Home owners have discovered artificial boxwood hedges to build privacy walls around their backyards and add a decorative flair. Fake hedge panels have been placed on rooftop balconies as privacy barriers in Beach communities in exclusive neighborhoods like Pacific Heights in San Francisco.  Residents of Beverly Hills and Newport Beach have also adopted artificial hedge for privacy and décor.

Artificial boxwood balls make great additions to existing gardens, front yard pieces, or center pieces at special events. Many people are placing them at entrances as bookends in faux planters. They can be placed among live plants and add a unique addition to wherever they are placed. Fake boxwood balls are available in sizes from 10” to 36” in diameter.

Faux boxwood bushes are often used at equestrian events, but can be placed in planters under windows, on verandas, or in restaurants to provide a privacy barrier. All of these amazing new faux plants look incredibly real, and in fact most people can’t tell that they aren’t. Some people call them fake, some people call them faux, and some people call them artificial, but these replica plants are as close to the real thing as is possible. Artificial plants are here to stay.

Artificial flowers made out of durable and UV rated polyurethane make great replacements for real flowers that are high maintenance water hogs. High quality plastic flowers look great at cemeteries all year round and don’t have to be pampered and watered. Geranium Street Floral has just purchased a variety of artificial azaleas in various colors to round out their

side shot of 19inch balls in metal pot600x311 300x152 Artificial Plants Gaining Popularity

Artificial topiary balls at store entrance

IMG 5320 id 300x200 Artificial Plants Gaining Popularity

Fake hedges at special event

azaleas22 300x205 Artificial Plants Gaining Popularity

Artificial azaleas centerpiece

great product line.  There are many examples of these highly realistic artificial plants online.

Artificial Flowers Adorn Galway Downs Equestrian Events

Artificial flowers are now being used at international equestrian events like the upcoming three day event at Galway Downs in Temecula, California. For decades, equestrian course builders used real flowers and plants for their equestrian jumps and that was very problematic. Now, fake flower manufacturers have developed many new products that look amazingly real, and can be used over and over again.

Geranium Street Floral of San Marcos, California has been supplying equestrian course designer, Bert Wood with artificial flowers and plants for several years. In fact, Geranium Street Floral began as a part time business primarily servicing the equestrian industry, and grew into a booming business selling all kinds of artificial plants and flowers. Artificial flowers and plants make sense for the equestrian industry and they make sense for home owners and commercial property owners, especially now, during the California drought.

“I have great fondness for the equestrian industry and don’t forget that was how I started my business. I had no idea it was going to become such a big thing. Artificial plants and flowers are a big deal now, and we have some of the best products available, from artificial flowers, fake hedge, faux topiary balls, and artificial boxwood bush,” said Geranium Street owner, Bob Smith. “I am really excited about the artificial azaleas we just added to our product line,” Smith added.

The Galway Downs Three Day International Equestrian Event Galway Downs is having on October 29th  is one of the most prestigious equestrian events anywhere in the world.  They will be using artificial ruffle brush, artificial boxwood jump brush


ruffle 300x199 Artificial Flowers Adorn Galway Downs Equestrian Events

Red ruffle brush

Yellow Ruffle Brush600x311 300x155 Artificial Flowers Adorn Galway Downs Equestrian Events

Yellow ruffle brush

jumpbrush 300x200 Artificial Flowers Adorn Galway Downs Equestrian Events

Artificial boxwood jump brush

, and artificial azaleas they purchased from Geranium Street Floral. The course designers will not have to hassle with watering live plants and flowers and constantly having to replace them, once they are damaged.

“This is great showcase for our products, because people from all over the world see the fake flowers and plants we supply, and then they want them for their houses and offices,” said Smith. The California drought keeps dragging on and on, making artificial plants and flowers more appealing than ever.

Artificial Azaleas Look and Feel so Real they Scare People

Manufacturers have perfected making fake flowers, so well in fact that the new artificial azaleas available trick people into thinking they are actually real. When people find out they are not real, they recoil in terror, much the same way someone does when seeing a rubber snake. The fake azaleas currently being sold by Geranium Street Floral are uncanny they look and feel so real.

Anybody who has ever raised flowers or has had a flower garden knows how much work they are. Flowers are often fragile and temperamental. They don’t get enough sun, or get too much sun, and likewise, they don’t get enough water, or get too much water. Many busy people don’t have the time and patience to raise real flowers. Artificial azaleas look like real azaleas, but don’t require the constant attention, sunlight, and water.

Commercial property owners have realized that faux flowers just make sense – just install them and forget about them. Geranium Street Floral just made a big sale of their artificial azaleas to a commercial property owner in Beverly Hills. They redecorated a penthouse balcony with artificial flowers and fiberglass planters. People walk by the artificial azaleas every day and just assume that they are real.

The fake azaleas can be hung in hanging planters, or even placed among real plants and flowers. Crafters can go crazy making flower arrangements with these incredible plastic flowers. Geranium Street Floral currently has the artificial azaleas in several different colors, including pink, cream, and red. They are available in 18” or 34” sizes.

Bob Smith, president of Geranium Street recently returned from a big trade show in Asia, where he purchased a large volume of the faux azaleas. “I was so impressed by how authentic these look, I added them to our product roster. I also purchased many other other fake plant items, including fake bushes, trees, and artificial succulents,” said Smith. There are many pictures of the flowers and other items on Pinterest

18inch cream Azaleas 300x155 Artificial Azaleas Look and Feel so Real they Scare People

18″ cream color artificial azalea

34inch pink azaleas 300x155 Artificial Azaleas Look and Feel so Real they Scare People

34″ pink artificial azalea

azaleas22 300x205 Artificial Azaleas Look and Feel so Real they Scare People

Artificial azaleas centerpiece


Faux Boxwood Hedge Mats Transform Outdoor Living Spaces

Many home owners across the United States have discovered that faux boxwood hedge mats can be used to easily transform drab patios, decks, and pool areas into plush outdoor meccas. One home owner in Southern California recently installed a fence extension and completely transformed his backyard pool home into a green oasis. When it comes to landscaping, faux foliage is relatively inexpensive to install, and requires almost zero maintenance.

Another home owner in one of Los Angeles exclusive beach communities installed a faux privacy hedge on his rooftop balcony, so he could better enjoy his daily beachfront sunsets. Another resident in the famous Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco did the same thing. The fake hedge works good on walls, fences, or can be constructed to stand alone.

Martin Portilla, sales manager at Geranium Street Floral has helped many customers create custom designs for their properties. “ I have worked closely with many of our customers to decide how many square feet of our faux boxwood hedge mats they will need, what is the best method of installation, etc.” Portilla said. Portilla has been present at several installations himself and knows the process very well.

Geranium Street Floral custom builds artificial boxwood hedge panels at their facility in San Marcos, California, then either delivers them or ships them out. They sell to designers, contractors, and architects all over the country. More people find out about the amazing artificial foliage products available and where they are being installed – at exclusive properties in Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, and San Francisco, and they want them immediately.

Geranium Street Floral has also sold their fake hedge mats to many commercial property owners and they have installed them at retail spaces, restaurants, and office buildings. “We try to post pictures of our products where they are installed at people’s homes, in restaurants, apartment buildings, and retail spaces, so people can get ideas,” said Portilla. “We have pages on Pinterest

before image with metal hale house 300x155 Faux Boxwood Hedge Mats Transform Outdoor Living Spaces

Beginning phase of installation

Worker hedging at hale house 300x155 Faux Boxwood Hedge Mats Transform Outdoor Living Spaces

Worker finishing faux hedge wall

completed section in view of pool hale house 300x155 Faux Boxwood Hedge Mats Transform Outdoor Living Spaces

Finished artificial hedge wall

, and all the social media sites where people can get news and ideas,” Portilla added.

Geranium Street Floral Provides Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for San Diego Epilepsy Event

Geranium Street Floral recently provided artificial boxwood topiaries for the Birds of a Feather Fashion show and Luncheon held in La Jolla to benefit Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County. The gala event was held at the Hilton at Torrey Pines and featured a champagne shopping spree and silent auction, followed by a noon fashion show by Leonard Simpson. Music was provided by the Wayne Foster Orchestra. After the fashion show, guests dined in a formal atmosphere all to benefit epilepsy research.

Geranium Street Floral

IMG 4742 300x257 Geranium Street Floral Provides Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for San Diego Epilepsy Event

Custom Artificial boxwood topiary

IMG 4751 300x221 Geranium Street Floral Provides Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for San Diego Epilepsy Event

Boxwood topiary ball at La Jolla fashion show

was proud to be a part of this fantastic charitable event. They created a special custom topiary creation for the event which was made from a 22” artificial boxwood topiary ball, artificial spires, and several smaller topiary balls. This was an excellent example of how artificial plant creations are being used at all kinds of events.

Geranium Street Floral is working closely with several event companies to create artificial boxwood portable hedges to be used at events from weddings to conventions. The artificial hedges bring a level of class and sophistication to events at venues where it wasn’t possible before. The thing that makes artificial hedges so attractive to event planners is that they are easy to move and install.

Geranium Street Floral has been in business only four short years and is taking the artificial plant world by storm. They have quickly become one of the top sellers of artificial boxwood hedges, artificial boxwood topiaries, bushes, and other artificial plant products in North America. They have supplied artificial hedges in commercial properties including hotels, retail spaces, and restaurants. They have also done many custom installs of artificial hedges at residential properties.

The company was proud to take part in the Birds of a Feather luncheon and will undoubtedly be involved in many charitable events in the future. Finding new solutions to curb Epilepsy is a fantastic cause and Geranium Street Floral was proud to have been a small part of that. They were also excited to showcase their products to the guests and presenters of the event.   Artificial boxwood topiaries look great in an event and also look great in homes and businesses.