Geranium Street Floral Provides Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for San Diego Epilepsy Event

Geranium Street Floral recently provided artificial boxwood topiaries for the Birds of a Feather Fashion show and Luncheon held in La Jolla to benefit Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County. The gala event was held at the Hilton at Torrey Pines and featured a champagne shopping spree and silent auction, followed by a noon fashion show by Leonard Simpson. Music was provided by the Wayne Foster Orchestra. After the fashion show, guests dined in a formal atmosphere all to benefit epilepsy research.

Geranium Street Floral

IMG 4742 300x257 Geranium Street Floral Provides Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for San Diego Epilepsy Event

Custom Artificial boxwood topiary

IMG 4751 300x221 Geranium Street Floral Provides Artificial Boxwood Topiaries for San Diego Epilepsy Event

Boxwood topiary ball at La Jolla fashion show

was proud to be a part of this fantastic charitable event. They created a special custom topiary creation for the event which was made from a 22” artificial boxwood topiary ball, artificial spires, and several smaller topiary balls. This was an excellent example of how artificial plant creations are being used at all kinds of events.

Geranium Street Floral is working closely with several event companies to create artificial boxwood portable hedges to be used at events from weddings to conventions. The artificial hedges bring a level of class and sophistication to events at venues where it wasn’t possible before. The thing that makes artificial hedges so attractive to event planners is that they are easy to move and install.

Geranium Street Floral has been in business only four short years and is taking the artificial plant world by storm. They have quickly become one of the top sellers of artificial boxwood hedges, artificial boxwood topiaries, bushes, and other artificial plant products in North America. They have supplied artificial hedges in commercial properties including hotels, retail spaces, and restaurants. They have also done many custom installs of artificial hedges at residential properties.

The company was proud to take part in the Birds of a Feather luncheon and will undoubtedly be involved in many charitable events in the future. Finding new solutions to curb Epilepsy is a fantastic cause and Geranium Street Floral was proud to have been a small part of that. They were also excited to showcase their products to the guests and presenters of the event.   Artificial boxwood topiaries look great in an event and also look great in homes and businesses.

Geranium Street Custom Creations: Planted Artificial Topiaries

Geranium Street Floral has outdone themselves once again with custom creations

bambootop 300x293 Geranium Street Custom Creations: Planted Artificial Topiaries

Bamboo topiary in black vase


tophedge 168x300 Geranium Street Custom Creations: Planted Artificial Topiaries

5 foot tall topiary hedge


IMG 2692 300x265 Geranium Street Custom Creations: Planted Artificial Topiaries

Topiary hedge in white wicker basket

including artificial topiaries in fiberglass and wicker pots and vases. Artificial topiary balls, artificial boxwood hedges, and faux bamboo in a assortment of attractive planters is just what the design doctor ordered. These stunning custom creations will surely be the center piece wherever they end up.

Artificial boxwood hedges can be portable or attached permanently, in the reception area of an office, or in the lobby of a commercial building. They are also used as a privacy barrier at events and on balconies, or in a restaurant. The fake hedges actually look real, especially when they are placed in a handsome fiberglass or wicker pot.

Fake bamboo is another medium used to create a stunning topiary piece. Geranium Street designers placed artificial bamboo in a painted black fiberglass planter and it looks like it came directly from the jungles of Southeast Asia. This would look perfect in a foyer, on a patio, or maybe in front of a window needing some privacy. Most people are completely unaware that the bamboo isn’t real.

Topiary balls have been popular throughout history. Unfortunately, creating and maintaining real topiary balls is not feasible for most people. Realistic looking artificial boxwood topiary balls are completely affordable and feasible for the general public and they look fantastic in a wicker or metal vase. The custom creations at Geranium Street are bound to be conversation pieces in someone’s house or office.

Artificial boxwood bush also looks great and genuine in the proper planter. Geranium Street has manufactured planters with steel and fiberglass, and has imported faux wicker pots and planters to make their custom creations with. Artificial boxwood bushes don’t require watering, weeding, or much attention at all – they just set there looking green and pretty.

Springtime Decorating Ideas With Artificial Plants

IMG 2649 251x300 Springtime Decorating Ideas With Artificial Plants

White wicker pot with Holly leaf ball

IMG 2697 300x285 Springtime Decorating Ideas With Artificial Plants

Blue topiary ball in modern steel vase

IMG 2703 300x234 Springtime Decorating Ideas With Artificial Plants

Artificial boxwood hedge in modern steel planter

As the vast majority of the country is now thawing out from the abnormally frigid winter, it is time for sunshine, planting, gardening, and redecorating. Geranium Street floral has a whole line of new artificial plants just in time for Spring. Artificial plants are in and wicker planters and vases are always in.

Wicker has been popular since ancient Egyptian times, and Geranium Street Floral has a whole new lineup of wicker pots, wicker planters, and wicker vases. Combined with an artificial topiary ball, or an artificial boxwood bush, a wicker planter looks fantastic in a yard, on a deck, or even a balcony. Artificial plants can be placed among live plants and nobody will even know the difference.

I addition to classic wicker, Geranium Street is introducing a line of steel planters and modern designs. They have artificial topiary balls of different colors, and new multi colored holly leaf balls that can be used any time of the year. These handsome steel planters can be filled with artificial boxwood bushes or even an artificial boxwood hedge and placed on a veranda or in a courtyard near a fountain.

Modern décor versus classic décor is the question. Many people are opting for water and maintenance free artificial plants. They look real and are water wise, which is especially important as a major drought is ongoing in California and other parts of the southwest. UV rated artificial boxwood balls, bushes, and hedges from Geranium Street Floral are perfect for outdoor use.

Many retailers, restaurants, and commercial property managers are also purchasing artificial plant products for their establishments. It only makes sense because artificial foliage is easy to take care of and cost effective and it looks great. Artificial hedges are being placed everywhere from restaurant dining areas, to office lobbies, and hotel public areas. Check out Geranium Street Floral’s new products.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Puts Some Green in St. Patrick’s Day

avenue9 300x168 Artificial Boxwood Hedge Puts Some Green in St. Patrick’s Day

Exterior of “Avenue”

truckstop2 300x203 Artificial Boxwood Hedge Puts Some Green in St. Patrick’s Day

Artificial boxwood at “Truckstop”

truckstop3 300x168 Artificial Boxwood Hedge Puts Some Green in St. Patrick’s Day

Another view at “Truckstop”

St. Patrick’s Day in Pacific Beach is always a big day as beach goers and spring breakers crawl from bar to bar. St. Patrick’s Day 2014 was no exception as people swilled green beer along the boardwalk or up and down Garnet Avenue. Geranium Street Floral provided artificial hedge mat to liven up two Pacific Beach establishments, Avenue on Garnet Ave., and Truckstop on Mission Blvd.

Many bars and restaurants are using artificial hedge as a way to add a little green to their décor. The result is striking, hip, and unique. I think the artificial hedge creates a warmer, more inviting atmosphere without being overstated. It also muffles echoes and improves the overall acoustics of a room. Sound waves bounce off of hard flat surfaces, and the artificial boxwood hedge softens sound, similar to carpet hung on walls.

Truckstop is a breakfast and lunch establishment just adjacent to the Pacific Beach boardwalk. It is known for its large serving portions and great breakfast entrees, including pancakes and omelet’s. They have a full bar and are known for their killer bloody marys. They have redecorated the restaurant and used artificial boxwood hedge to liven up one of their walls.

Just up the street on Garnett, is Avenue (formerly Plum Crazy). This place is also owned by the same people as Truckstop and they overhauled the whole décor of the place. Avenue has a fantastic look and they used artificial boxwood hedge behind both bars, and artificial ivy on the outside patio. Once again, it is a unique and trendy look. Customers may not be able to put their finger on the difference, but they subconsciously notice it – trendy, hip, sophisticated.

Geranium Street Floral is providing artificial boxwood hedge, fake ivy, fake bamboo and many other artificial plant and privacy products to bars and restaurants throughout San Diego County, and all over the United States. They just provided and installed artificial hedge for the exciting new Savoie restaurant in Chula Vista, and also at the pool area at the new Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

avenue3 300x168 Artificial Boxwood Hedge Puts Some Green in St. Patrick’s Day

Back bar at “Avenue” in Pacific Beach

avenue1 300x174 Artificial Boxwood Hedge Puts Some Green in St. Patrick’s Day

Front bar at “Avenue” in Pacific Beach

avenue10 300x168 Artificial Boxwood Hedge Puts Some Green in St. Patrick’s Day

Closer view of back bar at “Avenue”

avenue6 300x168 Artificial Boxwood Hedge Puts Some Green in St. Patrick’s Day

Hybrid Living Walls and Water Conservation

Hybrid living walls are a new product designed with water conservation in mind. As much of the country is experiencing a deep freeze and harsh winter, California is experiencing one the worst droughts of the past one hundred years. Not one drop of rain has fallen in most of California for the whole month of January. January is usually one of the rainiest months in California. If the drought continues, it could cause problems that will affect the whole country.

California Governor, Jerry Brown has declared a drought state of emergency. This will allow local water boards to enact emergency water restrictions. The days of watering lawns seven days a week in California will soon be over. Also, water from agriculture will be diverted to urban areas. This will likely push food prices higher. Authorities are also asking residents to voluntarily decrease their water usage by 20 percent.

So, how can residents decrease their water usage? First of all, lawn watering should be cut down to three days a week, and be done during the early morning hours. Washing cars in the driveway and washing sidewalks is not a good idea. Flush toilets sparingly, and do one large load of laundry, rather than three small loads. Wear clothes more than once, and wash towels once a week. Take a shower every other day.

Another long term solution for many people is to change their landscaping choices. Many plants that people grow in California are not native to the area, and require much water in the arid climate. Grass lawns require much water. Many people are switching to either artificial turf, or rock gardens and succulent plants.

Geranium Street Floral is based in the epicenter of California drought country. The company is constantly searching for solutions to California’s drought crisis. They have designed hybrid living walls, and hydroponic gardens. Their designs include California succulents that require little water and are suited for the arid climate.

drought90 Hybrid Living Walls and Water Conservation

California drought

hybrid88 Hybrid Living Walls and Water Conservation

Hybrid living wall