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Protect Your Pets With Artificial Boxwood Hedge

If you live anywhere near the edge of the city, you know that coyotes are a real problem. They can be heard howling at night and their packs sometimes venture within the city limits. They are scavengers, but they also systematically hunt and kill small animals, including pets. Many residents of California have seen first-hand […]


Artificial Boxwood Hedge Conceals Homes

How well do you know your neighbor? Can they see through your fence and into your backyard? Are they privy to your every move? Even if you get along with your neighbors, you and I can both agree that there are aspects of your life that should be kept private. In a state that is […]


Artificial Boxwood Bush Refreshes Dry Lawns

On November 1st, 2014, San Diego will officially begin it’s mandatory drought alert water restrictions. These restrictions come in addition to the laws that have already been implemented. This raises many questions for home and property owners: is your home ready? Is your garden prepared for the lack of water? If you answered no to […]


Artificial Boxwood Hedge Gains Popularity

Geranium Street Floral’s roots are in equestrian course building. We began our company by supplying course designers and builders with artificial hedge and brush to beautify their courses. However, as with all growing businesses, we soon found other areas where our products could be utilized for our customers. We were asked if our hedge could […]


Artificial Boxwood Hedge Provides Privacy For Residents

Southern California has one of the fastest growing population rates in the country. The influx of residents is a result of many different factors. Some of these include: beautiful weather, unparalleled professional opportunities, and various schools. All truth be told, there are countless elements that attract people to move to California. While the population growth […]


Artificial Boxwood Hedge Decorates Gelato Store

When Brandon Choi of Pasadena contacted Geranium Street Floral about creating something that would complement his ice cream parlor, where he specializes in his own homemade gelato, we jumped at the chance to use our artificial boxwood hedge. Our craftsmen and designers were given the task of constructing a creation that would convey Choi’s talent […]

Versatile Artificial Hedge Can Be Used Anywhere

The versatility of artificial hedge and brush is one of the reasons we got into this business. It can be used just about anywhere for just about anything. It is beautiful, classical, modern, clean, cost-effective, reliable, and so much more. We were reminded of this recently when we were challenged with the idea of building […]


Spice Up Your Fall With Artificial Flowers

Fall has arrived and it’s time to kick up your garden’s game. With drought taking it’s vicious toll on all of the Western United States (California included), many lawns and gardens are looking tired and dried out. Especially as the year drags on and no rain falls. With creative sites like Pinterest and Facebook, there […]


Hermosa Beach Artificial Boxwood Privacy Hedge

Geranium Street Floral technicians of San Marcos traveled north to Hermosa Beach last week to install a custom artificial boxwood privacy hedge on the rooftop balcony of a Hermosa Beach home. Beach communities usually have architecture that is designed to take advantage of the oceans views that make the properties so valuable. Many of the […]


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