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Artificial Brush Is Perfect For Combatting The Drought

Despite the recent rains, our drought concerns are far from over. The rain was a welcome relief for parched yards and gardens, but much more work is needed before our drought status is lifted. We think that all properties and homes can benefit from the implementation of artificial plants and flowers as decorative items. Geranium […]


Artificial Flowers Can Be Used For Water Conservation

Have you noticed your yard and garden wilting because of the drought? If you’re like us, your property has probably suffered because of the drought. Unfortunately, if you’re abiding by the water restriction rules and conservation efforts, it’s pretty unavoidable. California needs your laws and gardens to go dry now more than ever. The drought […]


Implement Artificial Trees and Plants For Privacy

If you’ve lived in California for any amount of time, you might have noticed that there seems to be less and less room between you and your neighbor. You’re definitely lot alone. We’ve noticed this too. With the ever-rising population of California residents, houses are being crowded to make room for new residences and residents. […]


Artificial Trees Are The Perfect Addition To Any Drought-Stricken Garden

If you have been abiding by the water restrictions imposed by the drought, there’s a pretty good chance your lawn is looking a little rough. Even if you’ve implemented water-wise plants and grass options, your gardens are likely feeling the strain. We’ve even had many comments from our customers concerning the declining state of their […]


Artificial Plants, Bush, and Trees Are Ideal For Drought Prevention

If you, like many Californians, are worried about how to keep your yard and garden green in the midst of the drought, Geranium Street USA have a solution for you. Artificial plants, trees, and hedge. We know that the drought has made it almost impossible to keep your plants and gardens alive and flourishing. Even […]


Implement Artificial Plants to Combat Nationwide Drought

Well, summer is here and there is no rain in sight. The governor of California has officially declared the drought a state-wise emergency and recent news outlets are predicting that the lack of rainfall could disrupt America’s entire food system. If you live in California, or anywhere in the Western United States, you probably have […]


Combination Succulent Mats Are Perfect For All Decor

If you are looking for a clean, beautiful decoration for your garden, look no further. We have combined our popular artificial succulent mats with real, natural California succulents. This newest creation is the result of our collective search for the most effective way to save water and money. Because California is in the grips of […]

Artificial Succulents Are The Perfect Solution To Drought

If you live anywhere in California, chances are, you have seen succulent plants displayed somewhere. Whether they were growing in business displays, private gardens, or restaurant themes, succulents are so diverse they are showcased nearly everywhere. Succulents are one of the few plants native to California that flourish despite the severe lack of rainfall that […]


Faux Boxwood Hedge Shines On Equestrian Courses

  The equestrian eventing season has come to an end. The horses have been turned out for their holiday and riders have hung up their eventing saddles for the moment. Aside from the occasional winter horse trials held in the sunnier states, most eventing schedules have entered their lull. However, just because the eventing season […]


Artificial Plants Are Perfect For Water Restrictions

California is surely grateful for the cool weather and rainy forecasts. They both come at a time of critical drought and widespread lack of rainfall. Californians all throughout the state are rejoicing in the recent downpours. However, the state of California still has a long ways to go before it can be declared drought-free. As […]