Bob Smith Geranium Street FloralIn 2009 Bob Smith of San Diego, CA. saw opportunity in the artificial plants markets. His experience with artificial turf as owner of SmartGrass opened his vision into the décor and entertainment markets for fake plants. A friend asked Bob if he might be able to assist him in providing fake plants for equestrian events he was designing courses for. Several equestrian events were changed in a dramatic way when enthusiasts were presented with a brand new visual appeal in artificial bushes, flowers and hedges being added to the courses.

Riders even commented that the horses were not becoming scratched as usual because the plastic plants were softer than the usual dry brown brush that had been staples in course design for decades. Bob quickly realized the potential in supplying a whole new market with artificial shrubs and flowers and decided to stake a permanent position. Geranium Street Floral was born…

While the initial focus for Geranium Street was the equestrian markets, it soon became very clear that there was far more potential in the design and décor as well as the entertainment industries. It wasn’t long before calls from Hollywood came in and production sets were being decorated in the latest faux hedge designs.

It was decided early on that the best long term growth potentials could be reached by crafting unique products and offering them along with premade products. For this reason Bob Smith has worked closely with his overseas factories to craft the most unique and lifelike versions of boxwood plants.

A showroom for Geranium Street Floral was established in early 2014 in San Marcos, CA. Here a design studio has been established to assist with specific customizations of our product lines. We use CAD as well as other software to product industry wide appeal in every job we construct.

You can depend on Geranium Street Floral to provide top quality products and to stand behind our work. Go with the best, Choose Geranium Street Floral for your artificial boxwood plants needs today.