Greening With Meaning – How To Do Artificial Plant Decor

Top designers in Singapore, London, San Francisco, and Bogota are implementing artificial plant decor into their interior and exterior designs. The new artificial plant creations from topiaries to hedges are more real looking and durable than ever. Fake plant creations have been featured in the top design shows around the globe.

Greening is in, and fake plants can be used primarily, or implemented into designs featuring real plants. There are so many creative things you can do with them. Artificial plant decor may include fake topiaries, hedges, bushes, and even flowers. These designs may be purely decorative, or may serve some practical function, such as privacy or shade.

In the past, people shied away from artificial plant d├ęcor because it was considered tacky and cheap. This is all changing because the artificial plants of today are more realistic and durable than ever. UV protected fake plants will not fade in the sun and can last for years without any maintenance or water whatsoever.

Fake hedges are extremely popular and are being used in hotels, retail spaces, office buildings, and even at construction sites. Homeowners are creating fake green walls inside their houses, on their patios and around their properties. Fake plant decor will undoubtedly be the biggest trend of this century as water and maintenance costs continue to rise.