5 Great Uses For An Artificial Topiary Ball

artificial topiary ball

Topiary elements such as an artificial topiary ball can add stunning appeal. Simply adding one atop an unused planter is a quick scenery improvement…Artificial Plant Balls Comparisson

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Artificial Topiary Ball

Artificial Topiary Ball

Artificial Topiary Ball


The artificial topiary ball comes in various sizes and has various practical and decorative uses. Here are five great uses for the artificial topiary ball:

  1. Used in pairs, can mark the entrance to a walkway or driveway.
  2. Placed in flower garden, among live or artificial plants.
  3. Hung in a hanging planter inside a house, or on a patio.
  4. Placed as a center piece on table.
  5. Placed in a retail display to compliment another item.

Topiaries are sculpted plants and have been used for centuries as symbolic and highly decorative pieces in exterior landscaping. They were often used in the lush gardens of the Renaissance to mark the beginning of a pathway or entrance to a property. The artificial topiary ball can be used in a similar fashion.

Fake topiary balls can also be placed among real plants to add an extra dimension. Real topiaries are hard to sculpt and maintain. Fake topiaries can be placed somewhere and then left alone. An artificial topiary ball looks fantastic in a hanging planter inside a house, office, or on a deck or patio.

For centerpieces at events like weddings, what could be better than artificial topiary balls? They come in various sizes and can be mixed and matched. This also works great in retail window displays, floor displays, and video and print advertising.


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