How To Impress With Boxwood Topiary Balls

Fresh Decor Ideas With Some Exotic Artificial Topiaries

Artificial Plant Balls ComparissonBoxwood Topiary Balls can add stunning appeal to otherwise lackluster environments. There are several ways to do this. Come visit and discover some here.

Top decorators and designers are using boxwood topiary balls for their exterior and interior designs all over the country. Sculpted plants and topiaries have been used to make a statement throughout history and now manufacturers are making life like artificial boxwood topiaries to continue that tradition. Artificial boxwood topiary balls look good at an entrance, on a balcony, or on a back patio.

A new gourmet restaurant in the San Diego area has used artificial topiary balls and artificial boxwood hedge throughout its distinct interior design. “Faux plants are hot, they’re in, and they make a statement,” said Alice Hopper, California interior designer. “I have people asking me about fake plants all the time now, whereas ten years ago, people would not consider them under any circumstances. There is a definitely a trend going here,” said Hopper.

Hopper believes that the trend is a result of the handsome new artificial boxwood topiary plants that are being imported. New manufacturing techniques are making fake plants better than ever. On top of that the new artificial boxwood topiaries and hedges can be purchased UV protected and fire retardant. Another factor is water – many home owners and commercial property owners are more conscious of water usage than ever before.

Topiary balls are available in several different sizes from 10” to 22”. They can be placed in a wicker pot, or stainless metal vase and look fantastic. They can look either modernistic and out of this world, or old, old school. “I can implement faux topiary balls into an extremely modern design, or something classic – they are very versatile that way. It depends on the type of planter you place them in,” said designer Hopper.

Geranium Street Floral has a wide variety of fake topiary balls available and in several different sizes and colors. We also have made many custom ready to ship creations from artificial boxwood topiary balls using wicker pots, steel vases, and clay pots.