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Living wall art is a popular new trend in the United States and elsewhere. Geranium Street Floral of San Marcos has just added an exciting new product to their lineup called Artificial Living Wall Mat. This is the company’s premier artificial hedge mat. They are selling this mat in 10 square foot sections for under $100.  Some customers are buying one mat to cover one section of wall as a show piece, and others are buying multiple sections to cover entire walls.

In recent years the interest in real living wall art has exploded worldwide. Interest in all things green is peaking everywhere. The problem is that real living walls are extremely expensive, tricky to install and hard to maintain. A 10’ by 10’ section of a genuine living wall could cost upward of $5000 just to install. After the living wall is installed it must be watered, trimmed, and fertilized or it will quickly become unmanageable.

The artificial living wall mat from Geranium Street Floral is a nice alternative to a real living wall at a fraction of the cost. Many people are placing green walls inside their houses as a unique alternative to flat, lifeless walls. The artificial living wall mat also looks good on a patio, in a pool area, or even on a balcony. The uses for the artificial living wall mat are endless in a home’s interior or exterior.

Commercial uses of the artificial living wall are endless also. Companies are placing the artificial living walls in office lobbies, reception areas, or in retail display windows and areas. They look good in car dealerships, retail clothing stores, or golf pro shops. Restaurants and bars are installing artificial living walls to add atmosphere and privacy.

Authentic living walls are usually composed of more than one type of plant, and likewise the artificial living wall mat is made up of several different types of artificial leaves, stems, and berries. From a short distance the artificial living wall art looks completely authentic. Customers react well to the artificial plant walls, as do visitors to homes where it is installed. This will surely prove to be one of the most compelling new products of this decade.



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