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Living Wall Planter

Living Wall Planter

Living Wall Planter

Many large retailers have discovered the portable living wall planter for use in their display windows and on their retail floors. Top designers in top department stores have used faux boxwood hedges as backdrops in their front windows and on their retail sales floors. The handsome and textured green hedges compliment clothing items, furniture, electronic items and even hardware.

A large portable living wall planter can be custom built as tall as 8’ and placed on fabricated steel bases with rollers to be easily moved from display area and back to storage over and over again. These portable hedges can be used to divert customers from one area to another, block unsightly construction or water damage, etc. They can be brought out for special events and seasonal displays as well.

Fake hedges and topiaries look incredible in a store window with high end merchandise, or even on the floor of a car dealership. There is something about the textured green look of artificial boxwood hedge that just compliments almost any type of product. Golf shops use the fake hedge to showcase their products, creating a country club feel to their retail spaces.

Restaurants and bars are also using fake hedges to decorate their dining and lounge areas to create an atmosphere. People in the food and beverage industry realize that atmosphere is everything in their business and customers tend to come back over and over again to a place that exudes coolness. Several bars on San Diego’s popular Mission Beach have installed the living wall planter in their establishments to add atmosphere.

Geranium Street Floral of San Marcos California is building portable artificial boxwood hedges for retailers, event companies, and production companies as fast as they can put them together. “We have orders coming in all day long – I have to rent a bigger production space to keep up,” said Geranium Street president, Bob Smith. “Living walls are hot right now, and artificial living walls are hot also, but for a fraction of the price,” added Smith.

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