Outdoor Artificial Trees in Time for Holidays

The outdoor artificial trees manufactured today are more realistic than ever before and serve many decorative needs both indoor and outdoor. People looking for unique gifts for that person who has almost everything may want to consider artificial plants. Several varieties of artificial trees mimic their live counterparts almost perfectly, but the great thing is that they don’t require water or maintenance.  

Artificial trees not only serve decorative purposes, but they have practical applications as well. A smartly placed faux tree can block out a utility box or unsightly view. An artificial tree can also serve as a privacy barrier on a balcony or patio. Interior designers and landscape architects turn to artificial trees in many cases, especially since they look so realistic now.

The artificial mini ficus tree stands 5’ tall in a clay pot and can be “planted” along with live flowers and plants and it will blend in perfectly. UV rated artificial ficus trees don’t fade in the sun or deteriorate in harsh weather. Indoor/outdoor artificial trees provide flexibility for all kinds of uses.

Artificial White Ficus Tree in wicker basket

Outdoor Artificial Trees in Use

  • Block out unsightly views
  • Provide privacy on balconies, etc.
  • Interior design
  • Outdoor landscaping
  • Special events

Retail spaces and restaurants often use outdoor artificial trees for special events and themes. Some of the hottest restaurants in the country have artificial plants and trees throughout their locations. Customers often don’t even realize that the plants and trees surrounding them, are in fact, faux. Once again, the advantage of artificial plants is the zero maintenance factor.

Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees at wedding

Geranium Street USA imports a whole line of amazing artificial trees and plants. These super realistic looking faux trees and plants are UV rated for indoor/outdoor use and priced to sell for the holidays. Visit their website today and check out all of the exciting products.

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