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Artificial Privacy Hedges Serve Many Purposes in Beverly Hills

Geranium Street Installer at work

Privacy is an issue in Beverly Hills, and all of the exclusive areas in Los Angeles, and artificial privacy hedges are trending in the area. As you drive around Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, or Brentwood you will see fantastic live hedges at many of the properties. These hedges serve as privacy walls, wind breaks, and they make a statement of exclusivity, and wealth.

Unfortunately, these massive live hedges require a tremendous amount of maintenance, water, and painstaking care. The landscaping and water bills for these properties amount to more than most people make in a year, and with the California drought, water restrictions are still in place. An army of gardeners come in and out of the properties every week and that poses other liability, privacy, and security risks.

Residents of Beverly Hills are turning to artificial privacy hedges to block out unsightly views, and keep nosy people from looking in. Double Decker Star Tours busses drive up and down Sunset Boulevard night and day full of tourists hoping for a celebrity sighting. They snap pictures as they drive through exclusive neighborhoods, much to the chagrin of local residents.

Artificial Privacy Hedges Popularity

  • Low maintenance
  • No water required
  • Decreased liability
  • Increased privacy
  • Reduced staff

Quality artificial boxwood hedge is very realistic looking and is easy to install on existing walls and fences. The faux hedge can elevate an existing fence or while by a foot or two and in most cases does not require a building permit or violate any local codes. Often, raising height of existing walls and fences by a couple of feet is all that is needed to increase privacy.

Artificial privacy hedge in Beverly Hills

Geranium Street USA installs artificial privacy hedges all over Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and other exclusive Los Angeles neighborhoods. Los Angeles is the celebrity capital of America, and privacy is always an issue. Geranium Street has helped many of their exclusive clients obtain the privacy they need in this super charged climate, where paparazzi and curiosity seekers are always trying to violate it.


Outdoor Artificial Trees in Time for Holidays

The outdoor artificial trees manufactured today are more realistic than ever before and serve many decorative needs both indoor and outdoor. People looking for unique gifts for that person who has almost everything may want to consider artificial plants. Several varieties of artificial trees mimic their live counterparts almost perfectly, but the great thing is that they don’t require water or maintenance.  

Artificial trees not only serve decorative purposes, but they have practical applications as well. A smartly placed faux tree can block out a utility box or unsightly view. An artificial tree can also serve as a privacy barrier on a balcony or patio. Interior designers and landscape architects turn to artificial trees in many cases, especially since they look so realistic now.

The artificial mini ficus tree stands 5’ tall in a clay pot and can be “planted” along with live flowers and plants and it will blend in perfectly. UV rated artificial ficus trees don’t fade in the sun or deteriorate in harsh weather. Indoor/outdoor artificial trees provide flexibility for all kinds of uses.

Artificial White Ficus Tree in wicker basket

Outdoor Artificial Trees in Use

  • Block out unsightly views
  • Provide privacy on balconies, etc.
  • Interior design
  • Outdoor landscaping
  • Special events

Retail spaces and restaurants often use outdoor artificial trees for special events and themes. Some of the hottest restaurants in the country have artificial plants and trees throughout their locations. Customers often don’t even realize that the plants and trees surrounding them, are in fact, faux. Once again, the advantage of artificial plants is the zero maintenance factor.

Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees at wedding

Geranium Street USA imports a whole line of amazing artificial trees and plants. These super realistic looking faux trees and plants are UV rated for indoor/outdoor use and priced to sell for the holidays. Visit their website today and check out all of the exciting products.

Artificial Topiary Balls For The Holidays

Artificial boxwood holiday balls are now available at Geranium Street Floral.

Artificial boxwood holiday balls are now available at Geranium Street Floral.

Artificial Topiary Balls in several different sizes make excellent gifts for the holiday season and for decorating purpose year round. Artificial boxwood balls for indoor/ outdoor use have many applications for interior and landscape design. The faux boxwood topiary balls exist in various leaf styles and shades, and in many sizes, and are often sold in pairs.

See our entire line of Faux Boxwood Topiaries

Artificial topiary ball in courtyard

Amazingly realistic, artificial topiary balls serve as centerpieces, mark grand entrances, and are often placed in vases and planters. Interior designers and crafters create many amazing decorative pieces with the plastic boxwood balls. For the holidays, a holly leaf ball adds a perfect touch to holiday and Christmas decorating. Artificial boxwood balls add texture and granduer to weddings and many other regal events throughout the year.

Many other artificial flowers, trees,and plants compliment the artificial topiary balls. Modern artificial flowers and plants look and feel more realistic than ever before and are also less expensive than they were in the past. The beauty of artificial plants is that they are virtually maintenance free – unlike real plants they don’t require clipping or water.

Artificial Topiary Balls Uses

  • Landscape design
  • Interior design
  • Event decor
  • Holiday decor
  • Retail decor
Bright and Colorful Boxwood Ball in Berry Base

Artificial holly leaf ball

For a holiday look,  artificial boxwood balls wrapped with decorative lights look good during the holiday season, or even all year round. Restaurants, retail locations, and other types of businesses use them to push certain themes across. Topiaries throughout history represent royalty, formality, and opulence. Artisans spent lifetimes pruning and shaping boxwood bushes in the royal gardens throughout the world. Now, artificial topiaries replicate that same theme and are relatively affordable.

Geranium Street USA carries an extensive inventory of artificial topiary balls imported directly from Asia and sells them at competitive prices to the public. Their line of artificial boxwood balls are made from the highest grade materials and are available for indoor and outdoor use. Visit the  Geranium Street website for more information. .

Discount Artificial Flowers for Equestrian Events

Pink Ruffle Brush

Pink Ruffle Brush

Equestrian course builders order discount artificial flowers to decorate their horse jumps.  Artificial flowers and plants work well for equestrian events because they are not as fragile as real flowers and they can be reused over and over. Today’s artificial flowers look more realistic than ever and the prices has gone down.

Exciting new artificial flowers in several vivid colors allow course designers to create spectacular jumps. Several new products are now available. The blue 18” Artificial Star Brush comes in quantities of 10 and looks incredible. 18” Aqua Blue Ruffle Brush is a turquoise color, comes in quantities of ten, and compliments the Star brush very nicely.  To round out the variety there is 18” Pink and White Ruffle Brush, and 18” Pink Ruffle Brush.

These quality artificial floral products are made of durable plastic and are UV protected so that they are fine for outdoor use. Horses knock these durable artificial flowers over and stomp on them, but the flowers are unharmed, ready to use again. After each equestrian event, course designers box the artificial flowers up for the next event.

Aqua Blue Ruffle Brush

Aqua Blue Ruffle Brush

New Discount Artificial Flowers for Events

  • 18” Blue Star Brush
  • 18” Aqua Blue Ruffle Brush
  • 18” Pink Ruffle Brush
  • 18” Pink and White Ruffle Brush

Course designers love the classic Artificial Yellow Azaleas and Artificial Pink Azaleas. The azaleas are larger flowers with heavier vines and leaves that are very durable for equestrian events. These realistic artificial flowers also come in red and white colors, so there is plenty of variety.

Artificial Boxwood Bush on horse jump

Artificial Boxwood Brush on horse jump

Most equestrian events need artificial brush for their tracks, and often buy it in bulk. The 20” Artificial Boxwood Brush fits the bill for that purpose. The faux boxwood brush comes in boxes of ten, with discounts available for large orders of 500 or more. Geranium Street USA has a website provides one stop shopping for all discount artificial flowers and accessories. Visit their site today for pricing information, and quick ordering.

Stunning Artificial White Ficus Tree for Events

Artificial White Ficus Tree in wicker basket

Artificial White Ficus Tree in wicker basket

Geranium Street USA is proud to announce their newest product – the stunning Artificial White Ficus Tree. The White Ficus Trees stand approximately six feet tall in white faux wicker baskets. These trees look fantastic in contrast to darker backdrops and add a bit of class and surrealism to elegant events.

Wedding and event planners love the new artificial white ficus trees especially for night time events. Lighting designers work wonders making these beautiful artificial trees really pop. They can be placed around a dining area, or in rows leading into a wedding or party. Of course, white ficus trees don’t exist in real life, but these artificial trees look so real you would never know it.

Evergreen Event Rental, a division of Geranium Street USA rents the artificial white trees to wedding planners and other event coordinators all over Southern California. The artificial white trees are popular at weddings, fundraisers, and other elegant events. These artificial trees are most popular for special events, but in some cases, businesses and homeowners use them as part of their permanent decor.

Closer view of Artificial White Ficus Tree

Closer view of Artificial White Ficus Tree

Uses for Artificial White Ficus Tree

  • Very popular at weddings
  • Dances and elegant parties
  • Restaurant decor
  • Nightclubs
  • Seasonal landscaping

The white ficus trees are perfect for restaurants and nightclubs where lighting and atmosphere is an essential part of the customer experience. The right designer can place the white trees among other live or artificial plants and the contrast is very pleasing to the eye. The stunning white ficus trees look very nice when placed in front of dark walls or even hedges.

These artificial white ficus trees work well for seasonal landscaping. They can be placed in a front or back yard to create a winter wonderland complete with Christmas lights. Order your artificial white ficus tree today just in time for the holidays, or arrange to rent them for your next event.