Artificial Azaleas Brighten Drought Stricken Gardens

Red artificial azaleas.

Red artificial azaleas.

Southern California is in the grips of a devastating drought. With no clear end in sight, many Californians have been left with the difficult decision of what to do with their flowers and yards. Watering is expensive and many counties have enforced water restrictions. With so little water to spare, few citizens can afford to properly water their beloved gardens, as they have in previous years.

Geranium Street Floral has a solution that is both easy on water and your wallet. Our artificial azaleas and bushes require no water or maintenance. We have both 18” artificial azalea bushes and 34” hanging azaleas to meet whatever your garden or party calls for. These fake flowers are designed to stand up to UV rays, drought, and pests without fading or losing color. Year in and year out, they will remain beautiful staples in your garden. These azaleas appear realistic to both sight and touch; your neighbors, visitors, and even you, will have a hard time finding the artificial azaleas amongst your real flowers.

These bushes look great no matter what you do with them. Whether you group them with real or fake plants, they will only add to the beauty of your event; our azaleas are beautiful enough that you can even let them stand on their own. You will always be happy with your realistic-looking flower bed. Regardless of where they are placed, or how much rain falls, your yard will appear healthier and you can rest easy knowing that you no longer have to worry about the beauty of your garden.

We have many artificial flowers and bushes to make sure your garden remains a bright spot in the neighborhood. Drop by our website or give us a call today to see what else we can do for you.