Artificial Boxwood Hedge Perfect for Pet Protection

Artificial boxwood hedge now protects Luna from coyotes.

Artificial boxwood hedge now protects Luna from coyotes.

For household pets in Southern California, the backyard may be one of the only places that they are ever off the leash to roam and explore. As they are removed from cars, road, other pets, and the natural predators of the region, backyards should be the safest place for man’s best friend.

However, as many California resident’s have discovered, some fences do nothing to stop coyotes or other natural predators from invading. Each year, hundreds of pets are killed by coyotes, mountain lions, and other carnivorous animals. The loss of a pet can be devastating to families. Especially when they have taken every precaution to ensure their animal’s safety. Even if the pet survives the attack, veterinary trips are expensive and stressful.

We urge you to take one more step to secure your backyard against Southern California’s natural predators. Two weeks ago, the dog of Geranium Street Floral’s owner, Bob Smith, was attacked by a coyote. Luckily, little Luna escaped and made it back to safety before she was seriously injured. Aside from a gash on her hind leg that the veterinarian had to stitch and clean, Luna is happy and healthy once again. However, you can be assured that Smith’s backyard fence has been reinforced and checked over thoroughly.

To achieve a completely secure fence, Smith added artificial boxwood hedge to his existing fence. The hedge filled in all the gaps. This ensured that the fence was both protected and beautiful. Two things that are very important. Luna is now safe and secure in her newly reinforced backyard.

You can have this same level of comfort, confidence, and safety as well. Our onsite craftsmen can set up your artificial boxwood hedge and reinforce your fence in no time at all. Your pets will be free to roam the backyard all they want.

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