Artificial Boxwood Hedge Used To Complement Welcome Signs

Artificial boxwood hedge like this now frames several signs in Palm Springs and Palm Desert.

Artificial boxwood hedge like this now frames several signs in Palm Springs and Palm Desert.

Welcome signs for businesses have been designed and crafted just about every way possible. They can be big and flashy, classy and elegant, simple and clean, and just about everywhere in between. Businesses are scratching their metaphorical heads in an attempt to come up with an idea that is both new and beautiful.

Recently, we were contacted by two businesses in Palm Desert and Palm Springs to create attractive versions of their welcome signs. We quickly took to the task and created a large artificial boxwood hedge mat frame for the existing sign. Thus turning their boring business signs into attractive pieces of art. The brilliant green of the artificial boxwood hedge contrasts with the clean lines and basic colors of all business signs to create a vibrant, attractive business sign. We were amazed at how well the artificial boxwood hedge accentuated the existing signs.

We have long been in the business of decorating both the interior and exterior walls of businesses. We have also crafted many various hedge and custom creations for additional outdoor venues and events. This was the first time, however, that we were tasked with creating something beautiful to complement a sign. The result was a gorgeous design that perfectly accented the existing fixture.

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