Artificial Brush Simplifies Course Building Duties

Artificial brush adorns cross country jumps.

Artificial brush adorns cross country jumps.

3-day equestrian events, or “Equestrian Triathlons.” Are one of the main groups who use and utilize the versatility of Geranium Street Floral’s products.

Equestrian course designers and builders are hired for their ingenuity, creativity, and knowledge of the sport. Most designers and builders have many years of familiarity with horses, riders, jumps, and courses all across the country. They are entrusted with the task of creating both the cross country courses, show jumping courses, and dressage courses for 3-day events.

Designers, like equestrian olympian, Ian Stark, are allowed to use their creativity when designing their courses, leaving them with almost limitless possibilities when building the jumps and obstacles. Most courses follow a general theme decided upon by the designer and course owners, and the jumps are built to compliment both the theme and natural landscaping of the area. Some past jumps have been crafted to look like dinosaurs, firetrucks, Safari animals, rainbows, houses, flags, etc. Our artificial flowers and outdoor greenery can be used to help design and decorate any of these.

One of the masters in building courses is Bert Wood. He and his team build one of the most famous and successful courses in the country, Rebecca Farm in Montana. Wood has helped transform Rebecca Farm into one of the most successful events in the United States. He does this with the help of quality, durable, and affordable products like ours.

Our artificial boxwood brush and flowers help build and decorate some of the most beautiful courses across the nation. They have been used as ground lines and jump decorations. They have also been used to add to the color scheme of courses. Their vibrant color and quality make them the obvious choice for both designers and builders.

Come check out our website or give us a call today to see what we can do for your event. With the 3-Day eventing schedule in full swing, we are fully equipped to help decorate whatever your grounds need.