Artificial Flowers Can Be Used For Water Conservation

Artificial flowers are a great way to combat the drought.

Artificial flowers are a great way to combat the drought.

Have you noticed your yard and garden wilting because of the drought? If you’re like us, your property has probably suffered because of the drought. Unfortunately, if you’re abiding by the water restriction rules and conservation efforts, it’s pretty unavoidable. California needs your laws and gardens to go dry now more than ever.

The drought will end eventually, but for now, residents of California are being called upon to help their state. Every thirsty lawn and garden helps preserve the depleted water sources a little longer.

Here at Geranium Street USA, we are committed to conserving water and protecting California. Our artificial flowers are water wise, drought friendly, and budget conscious. They can be utilized anywhere in the world and would make beautiful additions to your garden or property.

These artificial flowers can be implemented into already existing decorating schemes or used on their own. They are beautiful and highly realistic, which means that your neighbors and visitors will have a hard time distinguishing their artificial nature. They are also UV-rated, so they will last in the sun without fading or discoloring for up to 6 months. This makes them perfect for sunny Southern California, or anywhere affected by drought.

5 ways our artificial flowers can beautify your garden

  1. They can be added to existing flower beds to create a lush, full-looking plot of flowers.
  2. They require no water, so they will not deplete the water sources that California is so lacking.
  3. These flowers can be implemented into your home decor and visitors will have no idea that they are really artificial.
  4. The artificial flowers require no maintenance to be beautiful. They will be bright and vivacious no matter what you do with them.
  5. These artificial flowers are perfect for your budget as they save water and maintenance fees.

If these flowers seem like something that will improve your home and garden, give us a call at (760) 798-2316. We have tips for all your water conservation questions and concerns. For more ways to be inspired, check out our website. We have craftsmen who can install and set up your new artificial plants, making your job as easy as ordering.