Artificial Flowers Steal The Spotlight

Artificial flowers, like these azaleas, can be crafted to fit any production.

Artificial flowers, like these azaleas, can be crafted to fit any production.

School is back in full swing and with it comes school-sanctioned plays and productions. From grade school to college, students of all ages are beginning their theater classes with big hopes of an upcoming play or performance.

One way that schools can cut cost and maintenance time is by purchasing artificial flowers and brush from Geranium Street Floral. We have artificial azaleas, artificial bush, and artificial grass that are sure you make your production a success. This artificial greenery is easy to set up, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and easy to store. They would be the perfect prop for any drama budget, regardless how small.

Artificial flowers and greenery also remove the hassle of finding fresh flowers and plants, keeping them bright and vibrant, and maintaining them throughout various showings. Artificial flowers and plants are also durable enough to withstand any incidental or intentional contact during the course of the productions.

The artificial azaleas will add a beautiful, natural element to any productions. They are so realistic that audiences will be hard-pressed to spot a difference, even in the spotlight. Actors and actresses, regardless of age and skill, will be able to give their best performance knowing that their set is perfectly staged.

Our UV-rated artificial greenery can also be used in direct sunlight for plays that occur outdoors. We also have artificial holly and other holiday greenery that could be used for youngster’s Christmas and Thanksgiving plays. Parents will enjoy seeing their little angel sing and dance on a bright, beautifully decorated stage.

We have craftsmen on hand who are ready to decorate and suggest various options to achieve the most beautiful set possible. From Shakespeare in the Park to Kindergarten Christmas plays, we welcome all questions and inquiries. Call us today at (760) 798-2316 or visit our website.