Artificial Plants for Special Events

A custom creation: artificial flower azaleas in a planter.

A custom creation: artificial flower azaleas in a planter.

Event and wedding planners are no longer shying away from using artificial plants and flowers at their events. The floral industry has always been a big part of the event business. The cost of real flowers and plants has been a huge expense for event hosts. Real flowers and plants are not only expensive, but often problematic for a variety of reasons. New and improved artificial flowers and plants look more realistic than ever, and they can be used over and over again.

Artificial trees are perfect for events because they can be brought in and set up quickly, with no heavy soil or need for water. Artificial ficus trees, maple trees, cherry blossom trees, or even artificial palm trees are often used to create atmosphere and photo backdrops at events. Smart designers can create a wonderland based around a theme for a particular event.

Faux flowers are used in centerpieces, on  wedding arches, or for accent throughout an event space. Artificial flora is not fragile like real flowers, which may wilt in extreme heat, and require all kinds of special care and maintenance. Artificial azaleas and many other types of faux flowers are great for making centerpieces and floral accent.

Artificial boxwood hedges at wedding

Various Artificial Plants at event

Artificial Plants at Events

  • Artificial trees for photo backdrops
  • Artificial flowers for centerpieces
  • Artificial boxwood hedges for barriers
  • Hang lights and banners
  • Low maintenance

Portable boxwood hedges are very popular at events. They serve as photo backdrops, and to hang promotional materials and banners. They are also used to block off areas, or to provide privacy. In the past, exclusive events even used live hedges. There were event rental companies that specialized in that. As you can imagine renting live hedges for events is very expensive, and out of the realm of most budgets.

Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees at wedding

Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees at wedding

Artificial plants for events are available for rent, and some event planners just buy them and keep the rental fees.. Artificial flowers, trees, and hedges, can be used over and over again. They never wilt or die, and they require no soil or water.

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