Custom Built Movable Hedge Panels for Events

Geranium Street Floral builds custom moveable hedge panels for event companies that are used for all kinds of events from weddings to conventions. The handsome artificial boxwood hedge panels can be placed in tandem at the entrance to an event, used as privacy barriers, or used as a backdrop for ceremonies or photo ops. Geranium Street has hired more employees to keep up with the demand as event companies all over Southern California keep calling.

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The artificial hedge panels can be custom built to specification. As you will see in the video, the artificial hedge panels can be as high as eight feet tall. The bases can be constructed with wood or steel and painted or stained any way the customer likes. Wheel and castors can be attached, or the panels are easily transportable with a dolly.

Commercial hedge panels for events work very nicely at outdoor events because they blend into the landscape so well. People often don’t even know that the hedges are in fact, artificial. In some municipalities, areas where alcohol is being served have to be condoned off from other areas, and these movable hedge panels are perfect for that. They can be transported in a truck and quickly set up wherever they are needed.

Another benefit to artificial hedge panels as compared to other types of moveable barriers is that they are relatively lightweight. Constructed with metal frames and durable polyurethane artificial hedge mat, these handsome moveable barriers can be easily moved around by one person. Once the event is over, the hedge panels are easily put back on the truck and taken away for storage until the next event.

Geranium Street Floral has developed a nice niche in the every growing event business. Now that the economy is improving, the event business is coming back stronger than ever and people are looking for unique new touches they can add to their events, and moveable hedge panels are really becoming the in thing.