Custom Artificial Boxwood Hedges Provide Total Privacy

Geranium Street Floral makes custom artificial boxwood hedges for clients all over Southern California and the rest of the United States. The artisans at Geranium Street routinely build custom fake hedges as high as 8’ tall that are used to block unsightly views and prevent outsiders from looking in. These artificial hedges don’t look like mere walls however, but look like real hedges.

Tall block walls can look imposing and ugly, even prison like, but fake hedges look regal and soothing. The visual effect created by artificial boxwood hedges justify the meager expense it costs to install them. Custom artificial boxwood hedges are built to specification for a specific property or space. Geranium Street Floral

Building a custom frame for fake hedge

Custom metal base for fake hedge

Artificial boxwood hedge on wood base

had made fake hedges for office buildings, hotels, restaurants, movie and television sets, and event planners.

Sporting venues have recently contracted with Geranium Street for several artificial boxwood hedges for their VIP boxes within the stadium. Likewise, several film and television productions in Los Angeles have called upon the company to build faux boxwood hedges for them. Now, large event companies in Los Angeles and San Diego are contracting with Geranium Street to make several portable artificial boxwood hedges. Privacy and practicality are the key reasons people want fake hedges.

“We will build artificial hedges to specification, whether it be something that is 40 square feet or 40,000 square feet – if we have the material on hand we can build it,” said Geranium Street president Bob Smith. “Imagine if prison walls were covered with artificial boxwood hedge? Wouldn’t the inmates be so much happier and easier to deal with?” said Smith. “We’ve installed these at apartment complexes and the tenants were so happy. It just made a world of difference in the perception people had,” Smith added.

If you drive around an upscale neighborhood in Beverly Hills for example, you will see genuine boxwood hedges surrounding properties. These live hedges took decades to cultivate, shape and maintain. Custom artificial boxwood hedges can be built and installed by next week.  The tall artificial hedges provide an extra level of privacy and sound proofing. Geranium Street designs custom artificial boxwood hedges for commercial properties as well as residential.