Artificial Hedge Mat Decorates Local Bars

St. Patrick’s Day in Pacific Beach is always a big day as beach goers and spring breakers crawl from bar to bar. St. Patrick’s Day 2014 was no exception as people swilled green beer along the boardwalk or up and down Garnet Avenue. Geranium Street Floral provided artificial hedge mat to liven up two Pacific Beach establishments, Avenue on Garnet Ave., and Truckstop on Mission Blvd.

Artificial boxwood hedge in "Truckstop"

Artificial boxwood hedge in “Truckstop”

Artificial boxwood hedge behind bar

Artificial boxwood hedge behind bar

Fake Ivy at "Avenue"

Fake Ivy at “Avenue”


Many bars and restaurants are using artificial hedge as a way to add a little green to their décor. The result is striking, hip, and unique. I think the artificial hedge creates a warmer, more inviting atmosphere without being overstated. It also muffles echoes and improves the overall acoustics of a room. Sound waves bounce off of hard flat surfaces, and the artificial boxwood hedge softens sound, similar to carpet hung on walls.

Truckstop is a breakfast and lunch establishment just adjacent to the Pacific Beach boardwalk. It is known for its large serving portions and great breakfast entrees, including pancakes and omelet’s. They have a full bar and are known for their killer bloody marys. They have redecorated the restaurant and used artificial boxwood hedge to liven up one of their walls.

Just up the street on Garnett, is Avenue(formerly Plum Crazy). This place is also owned by the same people as Truckstop and they overhauled the whole décor of the place. Avenue has a fantastic look and they used artificial boxwood hedge behind both bars, and artificial ivy on the outside patio. Once again, it is a unique and trendy look. Customers may not be able to put their finger on the difference, but they subconsciously notice it – trendy, hip, sophisticated.

Geranium Street Floral is providing artificial boxwood hedge, fake ivy, fake bamboo and many other artificial plant and privacy products to bars and restaurants throughout San Diego County, and all over the United States. They just provided and installed artificial hedge for the exciting new Savoie restaurant in Chula Vista, and also at the pool area at the new Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.