Canadian Equestrians Use Artificial Flowers

Worldwide, course builders use artificial flowers and crush to design and beautify their courses.

Worldwide, course builders use artificial flowers and crush to design and beautify their courses.

Eventing is a worldwide event and one of the most prolific nations to compete is Canada. The Canadian equestrian team has riders who have been present in numerous Olympic competitions, including the world-class rider, Ian Millar.

To keep up with the trending enhancements in equestrian course building, Canadian course builders like Jay Hambly, newcomer Mo von Roeder, and others who regularly cross the Canadian-United States border to design courses for both nations, need to use the best materials for their courses. These builders train for years with master builders before striking out on their own to design other courses.

Roeder trained with various North American designers before founding his company, Energized Surroundings. Energized Surroundings deals with landscaping, turf and lawn management, and course building. Roeder became interested in equestrian eventing when he began working for a local horse park in 1996. He quickly learned the ins and outs of equestrian life and recognized that his talents could be put to use in the equestrian eventing world.

Equestrian course builders need products that are safe, durable, beautiful, and convenient. Gone are the days when grass and flowers would be cut and brought onto a course just hours before the event. The practicality of artificial flowers and brush has made it an obvious choice for course builders across the world. For that, these course builders trust Geranium Street Floral.

Geranium Street Floral’s artificial flowers and brush are utilized all throughout the United States and Canada. Our artificial plants are realistic, UV-rated, and beautiful, making them ideal choices for cross country and show jumping courses. These faux plants can be broken down and assembled quickly, making set-up, transportation, and breaking down as easy as possible.

Whether you are planning an equestrian event, hosting a party, or just looking to liven up your garden, we have something for you. Check out our website today or give us a call to see what we can do for you.