Course Builders Advance Skills With Artificial Brush

The keyhole at Copper Meadows showcased artificial brush.

The keyhole at Copper Meadows showcased artificial brush.

While equestrian eventing is a classic sport that has survived throughout the centuries, current course builders and designers are certainly not afraid of implementing modern technologies and strategies to improve the beauty and safety of their courses.

Course builders like Bert Wood pass on their knowledge to students like James Atkinson, who in turn passes it on to younger enthusiasts of the sport like David Koss. These men use their experience and love of the sport to create beautiful courses all across the United States. One of the newest and most cost-efficient secrets to course building is artificial brush and flowers. Geranium Street Floral’s artificial greenery is durable, realistic, UV resistant, and the perfect choice for 3-day eventing. Our artificial flowers are insect-resistant, tough, and will not fade even after years of sunlight. They have been tried and tested in the equestrian market and builders and designers continue to return to our products.

Our artificial brush and greenery is versatile enough to allow designers and builders to use their creativity while still adhering to the guidelines of the sport. Premier builders like Wood and Atkinson use our artificial plants to build and create both classic and eclectic jumps for the courses all across the United States; from Rebecca Farm in Montana, to Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, Texas, to Galway Downs in Temecula, California.

The talents of course designers and builders are born from their passion of horses and the equestrian community. With a busy building schedule and heavy demands, these men need a product they can depend on to look stunning, day in and day out. They use the best products for their events and our bushes and flowers make that list.

While eventing originated in England and much of the sport still centers around the events held there, the sport is expanding. Equestrians of the United States have began pushing to host more difficult and prolific events in the states. This not only allows them to train on their home soil, it is making the U.S. equestrians candidates for Olympic gold, even against the highly-trained European teams. We are proud to be part of this movement.

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