Discount Artificial Flowers for Equestrian Events

Pink Ruffle Brush

Pink Ruffle Brush

Equestrian course builders order discount artificial flowers to decorate their horse jumps.  Artificial flowers and plants work well for equestrian events because they are not as fragile as real flowers and they can be reused over and over. Today’s artificial flowers look more realistic than ever and the prices has gone down.

Exciting new artificial flowers in several vivid colors allow course designers to create spectacular jumps. Several new products are now available. The blue 18” Artificial Star Brush comes in quantities of 10 and looks incredible. 18” Aqua Blue Ruffle Brush is a turquoise color, comes in quantities of ten, and compliments the Star brush very nicely.  To round out the variety there is 18” Pink and White Ruffle Brush, and 18” Pink Ruffle Brush.

These quality artificial floral products are made of durable plastic and are UV protected so that they are fine for outdoor use. Horses knock these durable artificial flowers over and stomp on them, but the flowers are unharmed, ready to use again. After each equestrian event, course designers box the artificial flowers up for the next event.

Aqua Blue Ruffle Brush

Aqua Blue Ruffle Brush

New Discount Artificial Flowers for Events

  • 18” Blue Star Brush
  • 18” Aqua Blue Ruffle Brush
  • 18” Pink Ruffle Brush
  • 18” Pink and White Ruffle Brush

Course designers love the classic Artificial Yellow Azaleas and Artificial Pink Azaleas. The azaleas are larger flowers with heavier vines and leaves that are very durable for equestrian events. These realistic artificial flowers also come in red and white colors, so there is plenty of variety.

Artificial Boxwood Bush on horse jump

Artificial Boxwood Brush on horse jump

Most equestrian events need artificial brush for their tracks, and often buy it in bulk. The 20” Artificial Boxwood Brush fits the bill for that purpose. The faux boxwood brush comes in boxes of ten, with discounts available for large orders of 500 or more. Geranium Street USA has a website provides one stop shopping for all discount artificial flowers and accessories. Visit their site today for pricing information, and quick ordering.

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