Drought Prevention Can Be Aided By Artificial Plants

Artificial succulent mats are the perfect way to brighten up your lawn and garden while aiding in drought prevention.

Artificial succulent mats are the perfect way to brighten up your lawn and garden while aiding in drought prevention.

On November 1st, 2014, San Diego officially began it’s first round of mandatory drought alert water restrictions. Since then, there have been more restrictions implemented to help sustain California. Is your home ready? Is your garden prepared for the lack of water?

If you answered no to either of those questions, we have a solution for you. We know you don’t want the lawn you worked so hard to cultivate and grow to yellow and wilt away. But the harsh reality remains that this will happen to most gardens. There is just not enough water left in California to be used on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

That’s why we have started carrying artificial grass, artificial flowers, and artificial bush. These new products will invigorate and brighten your yard and they require no water or maintenance. They are perfect for the extended drought. Our artificial brush and grass are both vibrant green and will bring life and energy to even the hardest-hit gardens.

5 Water-Wise Plants To Aid In Drought Prevention

  1. Use our artificial trees to create a full, lush backyard escape. These trees come with full blooms and foliage, making them extremely lifelike.
  2. Implement artificial azaleas into your home decor. These plastic flowers do not require the water, care, or maintenance that real plants need, but they are just as realistic.
  3. Our artificial privacy hedges make great barriers between you and your neighbors. They are sturdy, concealing, and beautiful. They also require no maintenance or water.
  4. Use our artificial boxwood bushes to amp up the amount of green in your yard. These bushes are brilliant green and versatile. They are so durable that they can be moved, stored, and implemented many times without damage.
  5. Give your favorite succulents a new home in our sphere succulent containers. These container spheres are extremely popular on Pinterest and other social media, and you can have them now too.

Our products are also UV-rated, so they will be beautiful no matter how long this drought lasts. Our onsite crew of craftsmen can suggest and create pieces for any home, garden, and event and are ready to beautify your property and aid in drought prevention. They have experience in creating  privacy screens, garden beautification pieces, restaurant walls, waiting room decorations, ground cover, privacy hedges, container planting, hedge construction, and more.

Like the rest of the western United States, we’re hoping for rain. But in the meantime, we don’t want your garden to suffer. Call us at (760) 798-2316 with any questions or inquiries about drought prevention. Or, drop by our website today to see our entire line of beautiful products.

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