Equestrians Rely On Artificial Brush

Artificial boxwood bushes line equestrian jumps.

Artificial boxwood bushes line equestrian jumps.

The horses who compete in 3-day equestrian events are known for their beauty and stamina. The cross country and show jumping courses they compete on need to have the same characteristics.

World-class designers such as Ian Stark, Greg Schlappi, Tremaine Cooper, Bert Wood, and Derek di Grazia use artificial brush and flowers to create and decorate their courses. Geranium Street Floral’s products are utilized in events that are both nationally-based, such as the Rebecca Farm events in Montana and the Richland Park Horse Trials in Michigan, and locally-based, like the Galway Downs International Horse Trials in Temecula, CA, the Woodside International Horse Trials in Woodside, CA, and Copper Meadows Eventing in Ramona, CA. All of these events are sanctioned by the USEA (United States Eventing Association).

Geranium Street Floral’s artificial brushflowers, and hedge are durable enough to bear the contact of horses’ hooves, bodies, and legs while still remaining beautiful. Contact with the jumps and barriers is so common that many riders apply a layer of grease to their horse’s front legs to assist it over the jump safely, if, and when, they collide. Our products will look beautiful no matter how many times this happens.

These artificial brush and flowers are also UV resistant, so their color will not fade even in direct sunlight. They are so resilient that the same products can be used for numerous events and their brilliance would remain untouched, despite the demanding activities of the equestrian course.

3-Day Events, or “Equestrian Triathlons,” are displays of both horse and rider’s stamina, knowledge of the sport, and trust for each other. Skill and beauty are both judged rigidly throughout the three events: dressage, cross country, and jumping. Our products have been utilized as jumps, rails, barriers, and decorations for all of these events. To even be considered for use, the artificial flowers and shrubbery must be beautiful and realistic enough to hold their own when examined by the most critical of eyes.

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