Event Planning For Your Thanksgiving Dinner


Our artificial living wall would be perfect for you Thanksgiving event planning.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away? Undoubtedly, some of you have been event planning for weeks, if not months. Others, if you’re anything like me, may be a little behind on the planning. Between food preparation, decorating, and family traveling, there is a lot to do!

Even if you are hyper-organized, there are still items on your to-do list that may slip through the cracks. This could be anything from cooking something that cousin Becky, who won’t eat gluten, can eat, to forgetting to grab all the decorating supplies from your storage unit.

5 ways to streamline Thanksgiving event planning:

1. Preparation

This may seem like a no-brainer, but preparing as many things as possible before mealtime can really cut down on the stress level of mealtime. With all the prep of the green bean casserole, yams, stuffing, and maybe even the mashed potatoes out of the way, all that you need to do is stick them in the oven or stovetop to cook before serving.

2. Concentrate on what matters

On the big day, what people are really looking forward to is the turkey. If you can manage to serve up a delicious…or at least mostly-edible turkey with a few other sides, your Thanksgiving will have gone off better than most around the country. And even if the worst happens and, heaven forbid, your turkey isn’t the belle of the ball, the memories with your family  and friends will last throughout the years. Besides, every family needs a story about the turkey-less Thanksgiving.

3. Delegate

Why should all the cooking be left up to you? If you’re hosting a swarm of people, there is no shame in asking some of your visitors to pick up some slack. Plus, when other family members and friends bring their favorite dishes, you may be introduced to dishes that you’ve never eaten before. It is a great way to expand the palate and lower the stress.

4. Dinner is key

Thanksgiving is such a large meal that people often feel that they need to feed their visitors all day long. While the gesture is genuine, appetizers and pre-meal snacks may be a waste of time as people are saving up for the big meal. If you want to feed guests beforehand, a small, energy-packed breakfast will do the trick.

5. Enjoy yourself

Thanksgiving is a time for families and friends to celebrate each other’s companionship. It doesn’t do any good if you are so stressed during the holiday preparations that you forget to enjoy all that the season has to off. So, relax, prepare the best meal you can, and enjoy yourself.

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