Faux Boxwood Hedge Shines On Equestrian Courses


Faux boxwood hedge adorned and decorated the jumps at Copper Meadows in Ramona, California.

Faux boxwood hedge adorned and decorated the jumps at Copper Meadows in Ramona, California.

The equestrian eventing season has come to an end. The horses have been turned out for their holiday and riders have hung up their eventing saddles for the moment. Aside from the occasional winter horse trials held in the sunnier states, most eventing schedules have entered their lull.

However, just because the eventing season has come to an end, this doesn’t mean that planning for the 2015 season has ceased as well. Quite the contrary. Event builders and designers have begun planning for the upcoming season. In their off-season, they can plan courses, restock products, and prepare their schedules for 2015.

Course builders and designers often use Geranium Street Floral’s artificial flowers and plant products to decorate the cross country, dressage, and show jumping courses at horse trials across the United States.

5 ways that course designers use Geranium Street Floral’s products

  1. Artificial boxwood hedge. The faux hedge can be used to decorate and beautify cross country jumps.
  2. Artificial boxwood brush. Imitation boxwood brush is used as jump-lines for the horses. This brush helps the horse gauge the height of the jump so it can leap in safety. Even if the horse comes into contact with the durable plastic of these plants, they will not be hurt.
  3. Artificial azaleas. These UV-rated azaleas are used to beautify the courses and create variation amongst the different jumps.
  4. Artificial grass. Course designers use artificial grass to create beauty and realistic landscaping for their events. This imitation grass can also be used as jump-lines.
  5. Faux boxwood hedge can also be used as course barriers, spectator boundaries, and barn beautification.

All of these various UV-rated artificial plants are perfect for the sunny equestrian horse trials. They do not fade throughout the years and their durable plastic nature means that they will not break when they are set up, taken down, stored, or when they inevitably come into contact with a leaping horse.

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