Implement Artificial Plants to Combat Nationwide Drought

Succulent mats are perfect for combating the drought.

Succulent mats are perfect for combating the drought.

Well, summer is here and there is no rain in sight. The governor of California has officially declared the drought a state-wise emergency and recent news outlets are predicting that the lack of rainfall could disrupt America’s entire food system.

If you live in California, or anywhere in the Western United States, you probably have first-hand experience with the drought. Nationwide water restrictions make it difficult to adequately water and nourish plants, yards, and gardens. This means it’s almost impossible to maintain your home’s acreage, let alone expand or improve it.

For gardeners and homeowners, this can be especially frustrating. Many must watch as their beloved plants dry out and die because the rain refuses to fall. However, Geranium Street USA has a solution for home and garden owners.

5 artificial plants that will help you save water

  1. Installing artificial hedge can shroud your property in shade and privacy.
  2. Our realistic artificial trees, such as our olive, cherry, cypress, and ficus trees can make your garden into a beautiful haven.
  3. Artificial azaleas can shroud your garden in vibrant color that is similar to the exciting color that can be found in real flowers.
  4. Our peach blossom sprays are perfect for decorating homes and glamorous events.
  5. Along with all of our artificial flower products, we also sell containers for succulents. These water-wise natural plants are native to California and thrive in the dry weather. These are perfect to implement to save water.

Here at Geranium Street USA, we are all about saving water and helping our state through this drought. Give us a call today at (760) 798-2316 to see how we can help you. Or, browse our website to be inspired.