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Living Wall Plants

Living Wall Plants


Living wall plants are increasing in popularity and all kinds of designers are rushing to find suppliers and companies that create and build them. Real living walls are quite expensive to build and maintain. Artificial living wall plants are a much less expensive alternative. Artificial living wall plants can be quickly installed then require almost zero maintenance after that.

Living walls look good in a reception area of an office building, or in the lobby of a bank. Many retail spaces have discovered living wall plants to use a backdrop to showcase a myriad of products. Restaurants and bar have discovered that artificial living walls create a certain atmosphere and motif that keeps their customers coming back.

Geranium Street Floral has scoured markets throughout the world to find the most realistic and durable living wall plants available. They have a new product which is their premier fake living wall product called the artificial living wall mat. Like a real living wall it features a variety of broad leaf plants, stems, and berries.

Artificial living walls require no clipping, weeding, watering, or fertilizer. You only need to install them and dust them every now and then. From a distance most people do not realize these faux living walls are not in fact real.


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