Privacy Screens Can Be Crafted From Artificial Plants

Artificial boxwood bush is perfect for creating privacy screens.

Artificial boxwood bush is perfect for creating privacy screens.

How well do you really know your neighbor? Is there any chance they can see through your fence and into your backyard? Are they privy to your every move? Even if you get along with your neighbors, there are aspects of every person’s life that should be kept private.

California is a state experiencing rapid growth and it is important to retain a sense of seclusion. Even the most outgoing of Californians need some time to unwind and relax without feeling like they are visible to anyone who cares to look.

This is especially difficult in a state with as much sunshine and beautiful weather as California. Here at Geranium Street USA, we saw the potential of using artificial trees and flowers as privacy screens. This became especially obvious when we were contacted by several concerned pool owners. They loved being poolside and relaxing in the gorgeous sunshine, but they felt exposed to their neighbors overly-inquisitive eyes. They just wanted to enjoy their backyard in peace.

We constructed a privacy screens from artificial trees and ivy rolls and restored their sense of privacy. From that moment on, we realized the benefits of using artificial plants as a way to conceal and privatize homes. We found that we could take our plants and craft them into a creation that would make any residence feel safe and secure from prying eyes. From rooftop balconies to backyards, we can make your property feel exclusive again.

5 ways to use artificial plants as privacy screens

  1. Artificial trees provides a cost-effective way to privatize your home. Because the trees are fake, you never have to water or spend any extra time on maintenance. These trees will remain beautiful with no effort on your part.
  2. The set up is simple. When you request our onsite craftsmen, your duties concerning the privacy screen end after you place the order. Our craftsmen will deliver, set up, and position your plants where they will provide you with the optimal seclusion.
  3. Artificial bush can be added to both inside and outside decor to create privacy and seclusion almost anywhere. This means that events that you hold outside can feel just as exclusive as those held in your home.
  4. Artificial trees are beautiful and highly-effective as privacy barriers for all home types and sizes. This greatly increases the value of your property and will add peace and quiet to your life.
  5. Artificial ivy provides complete and total seclusion from the eyes of neighbors, pedestrians, and anyone else who may be a little too inquisitive of your home. Whether you want your entire backyard secluded or just a window that is a little too easily viewable, our ivy is perfect.

Our onsite team of craftsmen can create a privacy barrier that will fit your exact specifications and needs. They have plenty of experience creating privacy screens of all shapes and sizes and will be able to assist you, regardless of the size of your property.

Give us a call at (760) 798-2316 with any questions or inquiries. Or, check out our website to see all of our artificial plant products.

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