Protect Your Pets With Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Artificial boxwood hedge creates a safe and beautiful barrier between your pets and predators.

Artificial boxwood hedge creates a safe and beautiful barrier between your pets and predators.

If you live anywhere near the edge of the city, you know that coyotes are a real problem. They can be heard howling at night and their packs sometimes venture within the city limits. They are scavengers, but they also systematically hunt and kill small animals, including pets.

Many residents of California have seen first-hand the devastation that these predators can cause. Dozens of pets are killed by coyotes in California every year. Even if the animal does manage to survive, they are often injured by the coyotes which leads to costly veterinarian bills.

One way to protect your property and animals is by installing artificial boxwood hedge fences to keep the pets in and the coyotes out. These attractive fences can protect your pets from the innumerable dangers of escaping your yard. Whether it be the natural predators of California or the inherent dangers of living in highly populated areas, your beloved animals need to be protected.

Many fences that contain pets are ugly and tired looking. They have contained animals year in and year out and may not have even been attractive when implemented. They offer little-to-no privacy and are not the most attractive addition to your home. Geranium Street Floral is proud to offer thisĀ option for you to beautifully seclude and decorate your property while achieving the maximum amount of safety for your pet.

We have artificial boxwood hedge that has been proven to seclude and protect your pet from the dangers that lurk outside your yard. This hedge is beautiful, realistic, and concealing. It will not allow any unwanted eyes or animals into your property and will add value to your home.

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