Versatile Artificial Hedge Can Be Used Anywhere


Beautiful artificial hedge.

The versatility of artificial hedge and brush is one of the reasons we got into this business. It can be used just about anywhere for just about anything. It is beautiful, classical, modern, clean, cost-effective, reliable, and so much more.

We were reminded of this recently when we were challenged with the idea of building a hedge creation that could compliment an ice cream parlor. Our craftsmen jumped at the task and soon came up with the idea of creating popsicles and other ice cream treats out of our artificial hedge.

The artificial hedge is both cost and water friendly as the initial purchasing price is all you will ever have to spend. This hedge requires no water or maintenance, which is ideal when considering the historical drought that California is experiencing. It can also be UV-rated, which means that it will not fade or discolor in direct sunlight. Because our hedge is artificial, maintaining it’s beauty is easy. The artificial hedge is easy to set up, easy to store, easy to move, easy to maintain, just easy all around. There is no added stress or cost when you buy any of Geranium Street Floral’s products.

Our onsite craftsmen can make any event beautiful. They can design, create, and set up your creation for a stress-free experience for you. We are ready to suggest different products and suggest new ways to use them to your best advantage. Our different products have been used as privacy screens, garden beautification pieces, restaurant walls, waiting room decorations, ground cover, privacy hedges, container planting, hedge construction, and more. We would love to see what we could do for your event, party, or residence. We are proud of our work and cannot wait to share it with you.

Give us a call at (760) 798-2316 with any questions or inquiries. We also urge you to stop by our website and see for yourself what we can create.