Water Conservation Is One Of Our Main Goals

The decreasing water line at Lake Mead is just one of the many reason we all should be working toward water conservation.

The decreasing water line at Lake Mead is just one of the many reason we all should be working toward water conservation.

How amazing has the recent rain been? The rainfall, combined with relatively cool weather comes at exactly the right time. The California drought has ravaged all of the Western United States and prompted actions at a state level. Mandatory water restrictions and drought prevention for water conservation make it extremely hard to keep your yard and garden bright and lively.

While the recent rain and cool weather are very nice, we still have a long way – and a lot of water conservation – before our drought status is lifted. Here at Geranium Street USA, we specialize in providing you with the most beautiful artificial flowers and plants available. We have artificial azaleas, artificial trees (cypress, olive, ficus, cherry, and peach), artificial boxwood brush, and artificial hedge.

All of our artificial plants are crafted from hyper-realistic plastic that is UV-rated for up to 6 months in direct sunlight. We have tested the endurance of these artificial plants at our showroom in San Marcos, California. These plants are perfect for livening up your garden and yard while still adhering to drought water restriction laws.

5 ways that artificial plants can help with water conservation

  1. Artificial azaleas and other artificial plants do not require water to remain beautiful. They will stay bright and green with no water or maintenance.
  2. Geranium Street Floral’s artificial azaleas are UV-rated, so they will not fade or discolor, even under direct sunlight. These artificial plants will remain beautiful, no matter how long the drought lasts.
  3. Artificial boxwood hedge can be used in the place of other privacy plants that may will and lead to accidental lapses in your seclusion.
  4. Artificial azaleas and other artificial plants will save your designated water allowance for other tasks. The water you are saving on this beautiful foliage can be used elsewhere without incurring fines.
  5. The set-up of these water-wise plants is extremely easy. Especially when you request our onsite craftsmen to do all the hard work for you.

If you are interesting in further helping California water conservation by implementing artificial plants into your home and garden, give us a call today at (760) 798-2316. We would love to answer all your questions and inquiries. Or, visit our website to be inspired by our full line of artificial plant products.

We deliver to anywhere, and for a small fee, we can even install and set up the artificial plants, making your water conservation journey even easier.

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