We Have Succulent Spheres For Your Gardening Pleasure

These Succulent Spheres are perfect for Mother's Day gifts.

These Succulent Spheres are perfect for Mother’s Day gifts.

We are excited to announce our newest, most innovative way to house your beautiful, water-wise succulents. Succulent spheres! They are the pinnacle of modern design and the provide an attractive home for your home beautiful succulent varieties. And since succulents are so easy to care for anyway, this sphere is the ultimate in easy, beautiful garden decorations.

These succulent spheres are the perfect gifts and presents for your loved ones. We have followed the trends on Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media sites and crafted our own. We crafted different sized clay pots into a sphere and placed our favorite succulents inside. When you do the same, the options are endless for your creations.

5 Reasons the Succulent Spheres are perfect for your home

  1. They come full assembled. All you have to do is add your favorite succulents.
  2. The succulents they house require little to no water, which complies with even the strictest water restrictions.
  3. These Succulent Spheres are fashionable, unique, and beautiful. We guarantee there aren’t many like it. Your friend’s will be green with jealousy.
  4. These Succulent Spheres are the epitome of “low-maintenance.” They require little to no work to remain beautiful. This is perfect for all gardens, regardless of how green your thumb might be.
  5. Even if you decide to keep this beautiful planter for yourself, it is sure to please and delight visitors and family alike.

We know you will love this Succulent Sphere. It will bring your garden to life with beauty and simplicity. We ship anywhere, and for a price, we can also set up and install this Succulent Sphere for you or whoever you are gifting. Make your gardening days the easy, wonderful vacations it should be. Call us today at (760) 798-2316 to order your Succulent Sphere, or check us out online to order.