Artificial Privacy Hedges Serve Many Purposes in Beverly Hills

Geranium Street Installer at work

Privacy is an issue in Beverly Hills, and all of the exclusive areas in Los Angeles, and artificial privacy hedges are trending in the area. As you drive around Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, or Brentwood you will see fantastic live hedges at many of the properties. These hedges serve as privacy walls, wind breaks, and they make a statement of exclusivity, and wealth.

Unfortunately, these massive live hedges require a tremendous amount of maintenance, water, and painstaking care. The landscaping and water bills for these properties amount to more than most people make in a year, and with the California drought, water restrictions are still in place. An army of gardeners come in and out of the properties every week and that poses other liability, privacy, and security risks.

Residents of Beverly Hills are turning to artificial privacy hedges to block out unsightly views, and keep nosy people from looking in. Double Decker Star Tours busses drive up and down Sunset Boulevard night and day full of tourists hoping for a celebrity sighting. They snap pictures as they drive through exclusive neighborhoods, much to the chagrin of local residents.

Artificial Privacy Hedges Popularity

  • Low maintenance
  • No water required
  • Decreased liability
  • Increased privacy
  • Reduced staff

Quality artificial boxwood hedge is very realistic looking and is easy to install on existing walls and fences. The faux hedge can elevate an existing fence or while by a foot or two and in most cases does not require a building permit or violate any local codes. Often, raising height of existing walls and fences by a couple of feet is all that is needed to increase privacy.

Artificial privacy hedge in Beverly Hills

Geranium Street USA installs artificial privacy hedges all over Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and other exclusive Los Angeles neighborhoods. Los Angeles is the celebrity capital of America, and privacy is always an issue. Geranium Street has helped many of their exclusive clients obtain the privacy they need in this super charged climate, where paparazzi and curiosity seekers are always trying to violate it.


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