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Discount Artificial Flowers for Equestrian Events

Equestrian course builders order discount artificial flowers to decorate their horse jumps.  Artificial flowers and plants work well for equestrian events because they are not as fragile as real flowers and they can be reused over and over. Today’s artificial flowers look more realistic than ever and the prices has gone down. Exciting new artificial […]


Artificial Plants for Special Events

Event and wedding planners are no longer shying away from using artificial plants and flowers at their events. The floral industry has always been a big part of the event business. The cost of real flowers and plants has been a huge expense for event hosts. Real flowers and plants are not only expensive, but […]


Drought Prevention Can Be Aided By Artificial Plants

On November 1st, 2014, San Diego officially began it’s first round of mandatory drought alert water restrictions. Since then, there have been more restrictions implemented to help sustain California. Is your home ready? Is your garden prepared for the lack of water? If you answered no to either of those questions, we have a solution […]


Water Conservation Is One Of Our Main Goals

How amazing has the recent rain been? The rainfall, combined with relatively cool weather comes at exactly the right time. The California drought has ravaged all of the Western United States and prompted actions at a state level. Mandatory water restrictions and drought prevention for water conservation make it extremely hard to keep your yard […]


Conservation and Drought Prevention Are Our Top Concerns

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, our crew decided to stop in at Lake Mead. We had intended to spend a day on the lake; but instead, we were appalled by the fallen water level. The old water level was clearly visible far above the current water line. The affects of the drought were […]


We Are Committed To Drought Prevention On All Fronts

After working for months on end, we here at Geranium Street USA decided to take a little break. Our vacation destination of choice was Las Vegas. On the way, we stopped into Lake Mead to do a little sightseeing. With all of our focus on drought prevention, we have a natural love for getting out […]


Artificial Brush Is Perfect For Combatting The Drought

Despite the recent rains, our drought concerns are far from over. The rain was a welcome relief for parched yards and gardens, but much more work is needed before our drought status is lifted. We think that all properties and homes can benefit from the implementation of artificial plants and flowers as decorative items. Geranium […]


Implement Artificial Plants to Combat Nationwide Drought

Well, summer is here and there is no rain in sight. The governor of California has officially declared the drought a state-wise emergency and recent news outlets are predicting that the lack of rainfall could disrupt America’s entire food system. If you live in California, or anywhere in the Western United States, you probably have […]


Combining Natural and Artificial Succulents To Create Garden Beauty

In an effort to create the most beautiful pieces for your homes, gardens, and events, we have combined our artificial succulent maps with real, living succulents. These pallets bring the best possible water saving combination to you. The artificial succulent mats and their beautiful stained wood frame work as complementary pieces to the beautiful and […]

Artificial Plants Are Perfect For Water Restrictions

California is surely grateful for the cool weather and rainy forecasts. They both come at a time of critical drought and widespread lack of rainfall. Californians all throughout the state are rejoicing in the recent downpours. However, the state of California still has a long ways to go before it can be declared drought-free. As […]