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Artificial Plants Can Help Conserve Water

How amazing have the cool weather and rainy forecasts been? We think it’s the perfect way to kick off the summer months, especially when they’re know for being so dry and hazardous for fires. The moisture comes at a time of critical drought and widespread lack of rainfall. Californians all throughout the state are rejoicing […]


Drought Prevention Can Be Aided By Artificial Plants

On November 1st, 2014, San Diego officially began it’s first round of mandatory drought alert water restrictions. Since then, there have been more restrictions implemented to help sustain California. Is your home ready? Is your garden prepared for the lack of water? If you answered no to either of those questions, we have a solution […]


Artificial Flower Decorating Is A Great Way To Brighten Your Summer

Decorating for the summer months and parties can be one of the most stressful facets of the season. After planning for the weather, arranging for different parties and celebrations, buying all of the food and fine-tuning every preparation, there isn’t much time for decorating. Sure, you could drag out the same old summer decorations and […]


Our Artificial Plants Can Help Conserve Water

We, like all Californians, are surely grateful for the cool weather and rainy forecasts. They both come at a time of critical drought and widespread lack of rainfall. Californians all throughout the state should be rejoicing in the recent downpours. Unfortunately, the state of California still has a very long ways – and a lot […]


Water Conservation Is One Of Our Main Goals

How amazing has the recent rain been? The rainfall, combined with relatively cool weather comes at exactly the right time. The California drought has ravaged all of the Western United States and prompted actions at a state level. Mandatory water restrictions and drought prevention for water conservation make it extremely hard to keep your yard […]


Conservation and Drought Prevention Are Our Top Concerns

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, our crew decided to stop in at Lake Mead. We had intended to spend a day on the lake; but instead, we were appalled by the fallen water level. The old water level was clearly visible far above the current water line. The affects of the drought were […]


We Are Committed To Drought Prevention On All Fronts

After working for months on end, we here at Geranium Street USA decided to take a little break. Our vacation destination of choice was Las Vegas. On the way, we stopped into Lake Mead to do a little sightseeing. With all of our focus on drought prevention, we have a natural love for getting out […]


Artificial Trees Are The Perfect Addition To Any Drought-Stricken Garden

If you have been abiding by the water restrictions imposed by the drought, there’s a pretty good chance your lawn is looking a little rough. Even if you’ve implemented water-wise plants and grass options, your gardens are likely feeling the strain. We’ve even had many comments from our customers concerning the declining state of their […]


Artificial Plants, Bush, and Trees Are Ideal For Drought Prevention

If you, like many Californians, are worried about how to keep your yard and garden green in the midst of the drought, Geranium Street USA have a solution for you. Artificial plants, trees, and hedge. We know that the drought has made it almost impossible to keep your plants and gardens alive and flourishing. Even […]


Combination Succulent Mats Are Perfect For All Decor

If you are looking for a clean, beautiful decoration for your garden, look no further. We have combined our popular artificial succulent mats with real, natural California succulents. This newest creation is the result of our collective search for the most effective way to save water and money. Because California is in the grips of […]